Key won't come out of my knob / deadbolt lock:

If you have been having problems with your key going into your lock, that could be a simple lubricant issue.  If your key won't come out, that could be a combination of lubricant and/or loose parts.  If this should happen to you, try this simple fix.  Put your finger up against the plug adjacent to the key and push in while trying to pull the key out (making sure the key is in the proper position for removal).  If this does not work you will need the help of a Locksmith to remedy the problem.

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Ignition key won't turn:

Sometimes when you put your key in your ignition it will not turn even though you had no issue with it prior.  This can be caused by pressure on the steering wheel lock.  (e.g.,parked on a hill with the wheel turned to the curb)  Simply turn the wheel left or right to alleviate this pressure being put on the steering wheel lock while turning the ignition key.  If this does not solve the problem you may also try putting your foot on the brake and rattling the gear shift  while turning the ignition key.  Many of today's newer cars have safety features that tie the brake and gear shift to the ignition.

The following are some helpful hints that could save you time and money before calling a Locksmith.

Automotive transponder keys:

For the past 20 years vehicle manufacturers have been using transponder keys, they are even being used on some newer motorcycles as well.  This type of key has caused duplicate key prices to skyrocket.  Before when you needed a key for your car it would cost you about $4, now you can expect to pay $75 or more just for a duplicate key.  If you have lost your last key you can expect to pay $350 or more for a Locksmith to come out and make a key for your car. 

I cannot emphasize enough, have copies made.  Would you rather pay $75 for a copy or $350 for a new key to be made.  Unfortunately, due to the cost of the equipment to make transponder keys, The Lock Guy does not make these types of keys.  My only recommendation is to try the dealership and see what they charge for a duplicate.  If you are buying a new car, the buyer usually will get 2 transponders fob keys and 1 mechanic key (depending on manufacturer).  If you are buying a used car, I recommend not leaving the dealership without 2 keys.  I have known too many people who have left the used car dealership with one key.  If that one key were to get lost, their new car cannot be driven until new keys are made and programmed.   "Prevention is key".